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Each morning, the President of the United States receives a highly classified briefing on the most important issues facing the country -- The President's Daily Brief. Now you can hear your very own PDB, in the form of a podcast, every morning at 6am Eastern, and every afternoon at 4pm Eastern. You'll get 20 minutes of the most important topics of the day and why you should care, arming you with what you need to know to help solve America's most pressing challenges. Former CIA Operations Officer Mike Baker hosts new episodes daily.

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In this premier edition of The PDB Personnel Files, we explore the life of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Mike details Putin’s rise to power: from his humble beginnings as a spy novel-obsessed youngster in Leningrad to the most powerful man in Russia.   To listen to the show ad-free, become a premium member of The President’s Daily Brief by visiting Please remember to subscribe if you enjoyed this episode of The President's Daily Brief. Email: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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