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Book battle: some Florida teachers fear criminal charges if they let students read books not approved under a new state law. CNN talks to a teacher who has boxed up his class library to avoid a third degree felony. Plus, the panel discusses the latest developments in the Tyre Nichols investigation after independent autopsy finds he died from extensive bleeding caused by a severe beating. And, Congressman Jake Auchincloss joins to talk about using artificial intelligence program ChatGTP to write an entire speech he used on the House floor.

Also tonight: Republican Rep. George Santos refuses to explain the source of $700,000 he previously claimed he lent his campaign, the lawyer of teacher shot by a six-year old pupil claims school administrators ignored multiple warnings on the day of the incident, Dallas Zoo increases security after incidents involving several animals including the suspicious death of an endangered vulture, and Disney closes its ‘Splash Mountain’ ride over the ‘Song of the South’ link.

Hosted by Laura Coates.

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