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Hi Mini Beanies! Come join Laura, Michael, and Mim Beanie as we share stories, songs, and lessons for your children! Our Story Time podcast is a great screen free alternative to get the imagination flowing, the voice singing, and the giggles...giggling? We also have 'Beanies Dreamies'. A bite-sized podcast to get your Mini Beanie settled and ready for bed time! It's good for bed time, it's good for car time, it's good for Spaghetti time WHICH IS ALL THE TIME!

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It's The Beanies BEST OF! We're going to be re-releasing some of our most favouritedest episodes from the archives, as chosen by some very special guests. Hear from our guests in a brand new interview at the beginning before we relive some Beanie magic.

In this episode Laura chats to long time Mini-Beanie listener Ezra, and their favourite episode- MEAN HOUSE! OHHHHHHH!

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Song credit: The Beanies Composer (AKA Music Wizard) James Court

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