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Kingdom Come - Do You Like It

Do You Like It

Kingdom Come 23 hours ago
Blade Killer - Endangered Dreams

Endangered Dreams

Blade Killer 23 hours ago
Iron Maiden - Isle of Avalon

Isle of Avalon

Iron Maiden 23 hours ago
Vandenberg - Burning Heart

Burning Heart

Vandenberg 23 hours ago
Mr. Big - Still Ain't Enough for Me

Still Ain't Enough for Me

Mr. Big 23 hours ago
Narnia - Angels Are Crying

Angels Are Crying

Narnia 23 hours ago
Manilla Road - Spiral Castle

Spiral Castle

Manilla Road 23 hours ago
Hard Excess - Ramses III.

Ramses III.

Hard Excess 23 hours ago
Sleazy RoXxX - Riots!!!


Sleazy RoXxX 23 hours ago
Rage - End of All Days

End of All Days

Rage 23 hours ago
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Metal Express online

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Top Songs

Last 7 days:

1. Trial By Fire - Trial by Fire

2. Suicide Bombers - Dynamite Playboys

3. Abaddons End - Dreams

4. Terror Cross - Metal Bloody Metal

5. Blackberry Smoke - Hammer And The Nail

6. The Answer - Wild Heart

7. Stryck9 - Rattle the Cage

8. Sainmusic - Japan (Sain's Land Of The Rising Sun)

9. Hell's Addiction - Free Your Mind

10. Coven Japan - What Goes Around Comes Around

Last 30 days:

1. Suicide Bombers - Dynamite Playboys

2. Trial By Fire - Trial by Fire

3. Judas Priest - Panic Attack

4. Wicked Maraya - Resurrection

5. Night Ranger - (You Can Still) Rock In America [feat. Contemporary Youth Orchestra] [Live]

6. She Burns Red - Heavy Is the Head

7. Grindhouse - Vacant

8. Big Sun - I Was Loving You

9. Voodoo Circle - Sweet Devotion

10. Stryck9 - Rattle the Cage


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