Soul Tree Meditation Podcast

Soul Tree Meditation Podcast by Megan Wawryk

Megan Wawryk

Welcome to Soul Tree Meditation Podcast! You can come here to chill and hear different ideas and conversation about meditation, consciousness, manifestation, metaphysics and spirituality. Open your mind. Expand you awareness. Drop your judgements. Connect to your body and listen.

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This is a very simple guided scanning meditation which can be used for beginners to easily get themselves into a relaxed, meditative state. This recording has no tone over the audio. Find yourself a relaxed spot, close your eyes and let go!

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    Sun, 08 Dec 2019
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    Wed, 20 Nov 2019
  • 4 - Surrendering to Emotion 
    Tue, 10 Sep 2019
  • 3 - Awareness of Labels 
    Wed, 28 Aug 2019
  • 2 - Taking Responsibility Through Meditation  
    Tue, 13 Aug 2019
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