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Laventine Arabic.

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This is Arabic lessons podcast. I am doing it for all levels, but the focus is going to be on beginners. I actually teach Laventine Arabic and if you want to hire me, or you have any requests/ suggestions regarding my podcast, please email me.

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Visit My Website: https://levantinearabic.wixsite.com/arabicwithalaaIf you are looking for Arabic tutor, please feel free to email me: alaa.arabictutor@gmail.com 

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I am also responding to everything that was said on the following video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ENIugi-V1Q   

Welcome and if you're trying to learn Levantine Arabic, then this is your channel. I have been teaching Levantine Arabic since 2013. Levantine Arabic, which has millions of speakers worldwide, has spread beyond its origins in the Levant area, which includes Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, among others. This course is aimed to teach students how to use the four abilities of listening, speaking, reading, and writing to apply the Levantine Arabic language in everyday circumstances. Students will learn to express themselves at a fundamental level of communication. They'll also master the fundamentals of the Arabic writing system, including how to read and write simple words and sentences. So, for tutoring and translation services please visit my website and feel free to hire me for private lessons, or ask me any language questions by emailing me. 💠 Please SUBSCRIBE and Join the Family! 💠

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