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​Kate Dalley is a nationally recognized radio host! She is currently on Fox News Affiliate KZNU and listeners from around the globe listen and stream her daily 3-hour political talk show! She has interviewed Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, Mark Steyn (popular fill in host for Rush Limbaugh) Sibel Edmonds, G. Edward Griffin, Syrian Girl, Fox Legal Consultant Victoria Toensing, Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade, Lew Rockwell, JASON Scientist Freeman Dyson, New York Times Best Selling Authors, Actors, MIT Scientists, World Re-noun Physicians- you name it- over 400 guests last year alone. The topics are diverse and Kate seeks to expose what the government is up to in her no-holds-barred approach to honesty in media. No political correctness here! Kate has been on the air for the last 5 years bringing national and global guests to the airwaves, for in-depth interviews and thought-provoking discussion. Kate loves history and delves into stories with a journalistic approach to uncover the truth. She calls this “going down the rabbit hole”.

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