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The Global Funding and Financing (GFF) podcast is Clearstream’s podcast series for the funding and financing industry, releasing monthly episodes with senior leaders in the space of secured finance covering all major topics shaping the world of collateral, securities lending, repo and OTC derivates leading up to the 2022 edition of the GFF Summit in Luxembourg. Stay connected with the GFF community across the globe and subscribe to our show. Each of the 30 minutes of lively episodes are hosted by Andrew Keith Walker, Finance and Tech Journalist and Christian Rossler, Senior VP, Securities Lending and Borrowing Products at Clearstream. Legal Information here -

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In this special extended episode, Christian Rossler and Andrew Keith Walker are joined in a lively discussion by special guests David Escoffier (CEO, LSF) and James Cherry (Clearstream) to discuss the LSF Secretariat's plans to reduce the burden of financing costs for African Sovereigns and high-quality counterparties through establishing secondary markets for African repos, and increase African green bond issuances to help finance their climate goals.

David discusses the mechanics of the LSF's plans to build a $20Bn plus repo market within 5 years, and James discusses the role that Clearstream's Triparty Repo solutions can play in these new Eurobond-backed repo markets - plus we consider the vital role of the private sector, Sovereign Wealth Funds and large financial counterparties to reaching Africa's climate goals and net-zero targets.

Plus we have a little time to celebrate Bastille Day and discuss our holiday plans before the August break.

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