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Erika Kullberg is a lawyer and money expert with over 17 million followers on social media and is passionate about better positioning people for success. The Erika Taught Me podcast is based on the premise that everyone has something to teach. Each week, Erika will interview a new guest to discuss how they found success, what they have learned, and what they can teach us. A new episode comes out every Tuesday!

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#24: I interview Nuseir Yassin, better known to his 60 million followers online as Nas Daily. Nuseir shares an inside look into his life as a content creator in the spotlight, entrepreneur in the background, and curious world traveler by heart to look at his biggest successes—and most educational failures.  Stay in touch with Nas on Instagram @nasdaily Thanks for tuning in and come back every Tuesday for a brand-new episode! Make sure you hit the follow button to get notified.  Prefer video or want closed captions? All our episodes are available to watch on YouTube. Did you enjoy the episode? Please leave us a review here. It really helps the podcast especially since we’re just getting started. Even just a sentence is perfect!  Follow the podcast @erikataughtme across platforms.  Connect with me on Instagram. For more information, go to Get more of my free resources. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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