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Because You Deserve to Have IT ALL. Welcome to the 9 to 5 Dropout Show where you learn from leading experts how to quit your job and successfully start your own business. With your host, Author, Owner of Mind Body & Spirit Entrepreneur and Creator of the 9 to 5 Dropout Academy, Rachael Thompson.

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A must-listen for any writers or wanna-be writers! Today I chat with best-selling fiction author, and "Interstellar Woman of Mystery", Stephanie Osborne. She discusses reasons why she quit her not-so-conventional 9-5 job to pursue the life of a writer. We get into the pros and cons of getting a publisher vs. self-publishes, unique ways she markets her books, and also the basics of getting your first book released. Make sure to check out the Mind Body & Spirit Blog to read a free chapter from her latest book! https://www.mymbse.com/blog/excerpt-from-division-one-by-stephanie-osborn Her latest book in the series was just released! Check it out here: https://amzn.to/2v7X3nu For more about Stephanie, check out: Website: http://www.stephanie-osborn.com/ Social Media Links:  Twitter: @WriterSteph      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SFAuthorStephanieOsborn      Instagram: interstellarwomanofmystery Interested in Starting Your Own Business?? 10 Steps to Start Your Business FREE Mini-Course: https://www.mymbse.com/p/10-steps-to-start-your-business-1 Enroll in 9-5 Dropout Academy (Full Business/Entrepreneur Course): https://www.mymbse.com/store/UBmqLkX3

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